"My aim is to provide men with effortless sophistication & style through the simplicity of flattering fits, handsome designs & amazingly comfortable materials. It shouldn't be uncomfortable or overly complex to be stylish.

When I set out to design this menswear line, my motivator was to solve a problem of my own, and in turn, provide a solution for other guys in the process. Even after a decade of exposure to the fashion industry while immersed in the modeling world, I still hadn't found clothing that checked every mark when it came to look, feel, quality and durability. It was either too short, too long, too tight, too baggy, faded quickly, the wrong color, too trendy, too loud, poor quality, overpriced, and so on.

I realized that I prefer clothing that doesn't draw too much attention to itself, but rather flatters and compliments the person wearing it by comfortably contouring and elongating their shape while pairing well with accessories.

Slim fit, fitted, form-fitting, tapered...these style terms shouldn’t mean skin tight, no stretch, uncomfortable or impossible to put on and take off. To combat this, I knew that every fabric had to be carefully chosen and every measurement had to be strategically set during the cut and sew process. All this to finally address the struggles that guys face when seeking out the highest quality staple wardrobe items such as tees, sweaters, accessories, bottoms, underwear, button ups and more. A consistent fit throughout the sizing of every piece.

I want men to have cohesive, upscale casual options in their closets that they can't help but be drawn to every time they get dressed. Why? Because they simply look and feel SO good in them.


-Weston Jon Bouchér


Weston Bouchér is an international model, Youtuber, Amazon LIVE A-List Creator and Menswear Designer based out of Southern California. In 8 years, Weston went from being no one in the modeling industry to work with the likes of iconic brands such as Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Polo, Men's Health, Harley Davidson, Mastercard, Philipp Plein, LG, Cadillac, Pottery Barn, Lexus, Martini & Rossi, Southwest Airlines, Ford Motors, GMC, Hyundai, Mattel, Lexus, POLO, Overstock.com, ASRV & is represented by 8 different agencies worldwide (LA Models, LA Talent, Wilhelmina Miami, Wilhelmina Chicago, Brand Talent, SLU, URBN, & Shamon Freitas).

Weston loves beach volleyball, WW2 era motorcycles, classical guitar, health & fitness, photography, travel, humanitarian work, being present, and his numero uno role model is Christ.

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