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Article: How to Build Confidence As a Man

How to Build Confidence As a Man | WESTON JON BOUCHÉR

How to Build Confidence As a Man

Confidence is sexy. Confident men are attractive. At least, that’s what we’ve been told time and time again. But what no one’s told us is how to build confidence as a man. And although it’s not easy to become confident in who you are, what you do, and how you behave, it’s actually a very achievable goal. Check out our tips on how to build confidence as a man and start seeing life from a whole new perspective.

What Is Confidence?

In order to give you tips on how to build confidence as a man, we need to start by defining what being confident means. Confidence can be defined as a feeling of self-assurance that arises from your own appreciation of your abilities or qualities. Psychology Today defines confidence as “ a belief in oneself, the conviction that one has the ability to meet life's challenges and to succeed—and the willingness to act accordingly.”

You need to have a realistic sense of your capabilities, and feel secure in that very knowledge, in order to be confident. That is, you need to know what you are capable of and trust that it is enough to make you succeed.

“Projecting confidence helps people gain credibility, make a strong first impression, deal with pressure, and tackle personal and professional challenges. It’s also an attractive trait, as confidence helps put others at ease."

Psychology Today

Bear in mind, confidence does not equal cockiness. Although both can reflect a confident personality, being conceited and presumptuous can result in arrogant behavior that by no means portrays deep-rooted confidence and self-esteem. Confidence is quiet, unpretentious, and humble. But it’s still palpable. According to Brett and Kate McKay, “when a man walks into a room who has acquired this confidence, people can feel it.” So when you trust yourself, people will be able to tell.

How to Build Confidence As a Man

Building confidence doesn’t have to be complicated. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You will have to put in the work - every single day. Here’s our quick & easy guide on how to build confidence as a man:

Exercise More

Mansi Kohli, a writer from India Times, declares that when we exercise, “the body releases chemical substances known as endorphins which relieve stress and make you feel good psychologically. This boosts your confidence.” Exercise also improves your physical appearance, strength, stamina, and body image. Because let’s be honest - who doesn’t like to look fit? Exercise can be a huge confidence booster, both inside and out.

Take Action

Confident men have a vision. Find out what you want to do with your life and start setting your goals. For example, let’s say that you want to launch your own business. Or maybe you want to get stronger at the gym. Or perhaps you’re looking for a promotion at work. Start by defining dates, goals, and then work on achieving each stage. Don’t forget: confidence makes people take action.

Be More Daring

The difference between a confident and insecure man can be as simple as one takes action and the other doesn't. They may both experience the same feelings of fear, apprehension, or anxiety. Yet, the confident man does not let that hold him back.”

The Man Effect

This translates to two words: push yourself. Confident men don’t rely on their comfort zone. They strive to achieve and accomplish. And in order to be better, grow more, and move forward, you need to get uncomfortable. So don’t be afraid to push yourself & be bold. You’ve got this.

Learn A New Skill

If you’re feeling like a fish out of water and don’t think you have anything to feel confident about, it’s time to learn something new. Confident men are open to learning. Try your hand at anything that piques your interest and don’t be afraid to fail. Remember that the master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried. So whether you’re taking a writing course, trying your hand at photography, learning how to build furniture or anything else that strikes your fancy, keep at it! Having a hobby and a passion is a great way to develop your personal confidence.

Know Yourself

Take time to learn from your past achievements and acknowledge your failures. Understanding both will lead to a better grasp of your capabilities, your strengths, and your areas of opportunity. Remember the definition of confidence? Knowing what you’re capable of and trusting yourself. That’s your path to success.

Practice Self-Care

From daily grooming and sharpening up your appearance to engaging in any activity that makes you feel good about yourself. Self-care is a broad spectrum, but one thing is true: when you feel good, you look good. Taking the time to care for yourself will make you exude confidence to the rest of the world. So make time for yourself. You deserve it.

Sharpen Up Your Wardrobe

Remember all those movies where the main character goes from being “badly dressed” to having a sharp, tailored wardrobe that compliments their personal physique? Well, those scenes exist for a reason: they’re true. Style and fashion are personal. But dressing stylishly, with clothing that fits you and compliments you, will improve your overall confidence. And trust us - others will notice.

According to Brett and Kate McKay, “A good rule of thumb is to dress so you wouldn’t be embarrassed to meet a woman or business contact later for an impromptu lunch. You’ll be able to strike the right balance of casualness and formality.” That balance is key at Weston Jon Bauchér. We strive to provide men with effortless sophistication & style through the simplicity of flattering fits, handsome, cohesive designs & amazingly comfortable materials. You can look and feel your best with classic styles & modern fits that aren’t uncomfortable, expensive, or overly complex to wear.

From t-shirts to accessories, we believe fashion should be simple, comfortable, and flattering. It should complement who you are, and help you build your confidence as a man. That’s how style should feel. Shop our amazing collection of high-quality, soft, flattering men’s clothing here.

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